Founded in 2004, Albion is the local Dagorhir chapter based in Columbia, SC with outposts in Charleston and the Upstate.

General fighting practices are held in Irmo, SC, Gaffney, SC and Charleston, SC at one of several available locations (see calendar for exact dates and times). 



Dagorhir is a full-contact, medieval combat game where participants dress up in medieval/fantasy garb and take part in unscripted battles using padded weapons. At events all around the country, you will see Dagorhir members fighting as Roman legionnaires, Celtic warriors, noble knights, stoic samurai, Greek hoplites, ghoulish goblins, and much more as they take part in scenario games to storm castles, defend kings, capture flags, or simply destroy an opposing army.To learn more about dagorhir and the rules of the game, visit 



The Units



SONS of TARA (1st Co.)

The original unit of Albion, the Sons of Tara are a tight-knit, Celtic warband identifiable by their dark green, white, and red garb with the triquetra and animal motifs on their shields. The Sons of Tara are dedicated to individual and group battle-prowess, Celtic style, and service to the unit and the Albion family. Membership to the Sons is exclusive and petitioners must first undergo many seasons as a gillie/servant before being considered for membership.  

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Lochwald (6th Co.)

This seaside clan originates from Charleston, SC and dons traditional Scottish tartan kilts in blue and white.. They are mercenaries in diaspora left wandering after their home was overtaken by goblins. This units fighting style is organized, with emphasis on teamwork and precise tactics . They travel far and wide to events as a family valuing honor and hard work.  Membership is achieved by completing The Circle challenge and a vote of confidence by unit members.  

Official Members 


IRON WOLVEs (5th co)

The second longest standing unit in Albion, the Iron Wolves are a fantasy unit identifiable by their black and white garb and the wolf symbol. The Iron Wolves are full of passionate and fierce fighters. Membership to the Iron Wolves has several steps, but the first begins as a fyrd/petitioner.


Official members  &  lore 

Albions Free Souls

All members of Albion are Free souls, but not all Free souls are members of units. Regardless, every Freesoul is a welcome and valued member of the realm.

Disbanded or Inactive Units

  • Drachenorden (2nd Co.)
  • Warbulls (3rd Co.)
  • Gold Leaf Legion (4th Co.)




"Warhorns sound, Wardrums beat,
The earth rumbles with quick marching feet.
The raven's call tells us of ruin coming home.
Brave souls should gather, or face death alone.

Before the northmen proudly stand, An alliance of Freesouls, from Albion land.
Sons of Tara of skill renown, Eagerly wait, for worthy foes found
Gold Leaf Legion, Where one, be two Prepare elf hearts,  to kill more than few.
Wolves of Iron, souls of steel, Lick their teeth, For Tyr's next meal
Lochwald clan, fair by the sea, soon to be known by all enemy

So listen O' Alba, and heed the warcall, Winter War's coming, Let's gather all.
For Ragnarok's field, was claimed by the South,
And old North bones lust to regain clout. Stand by your brothers, Stand by the Realm,
Together we'll cleave Both shield and fell helm.
To War!!! ALBION!!!"



upcoming events



winter war

A large southern event rapidly growing in numbers, this event is hosted at Eastwind castle and information and sign up can be found Here. The facebook event page is Here.  This year boasts of a heavy emphasis on scenarios; loads of tourneys and night fighting and a large vendor list.


Albion Practice Irmo

Irmo Community Park under the lights. Practices are currently Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm. This is subject to change via weather and community response. Please check our facebook page.

7473 Church St, Irmo, SC 29063




albion game night

it's not all wacks, come play boardgames . location to be announced. Potluck style.


ALbion Monthly muster

We try to schedule a larger fighting event once  a month on the first Saturday of the month for local fighters called a "muster". Garb is required and these are never overnight camping events but we do usually eat afterwards as a family. 



12/? /2017

Albion birthday

Celebrate Albion's beginnings with feast and friendship and hitting each other with foam sticks.

12/ /2017


The Kingdom of Winter's Edge is hosting an Arts & Sciences event February 8th - 11th, 2018 in the Atlanta, GA region.  






If you would like to try out dagorhir, we welcome you to join us. Come try a practice and say hello. We don't bite (all of the time). Be sure to drop us a line with our contact form to introduce and we'll help you find a location.

(we'll text..but only if you want us too)
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